About Us

Lena Klackl

My name is Lena and I live together with my husband Markus and four wonderful daughters on our farm in Åmliden.
We bought this old house in fall 2021 and wanted to build a place where we have the best conditions to train and raise our alaskan huskies.

I grew up on a horse farm and the work with animals has always been part of my life. In 2007 I finished my dog trainer education. I worked together with some south European animal shelters, one day I got foster home for a very special Siberian Husky girl Maya.

I realized very fast how stunning these dogs are. I was amazed by their desire to run, their friendly, loving character and their stubbornness!

Years went by and soon I had five huskies. I started to read and study a lot about mushing and training sled dogs. I got to know wonderful people through my dogs and kept learning and learning. The dream of living and working with sled dogs near the arctic circle got bigger.

In my researches I always saw that the most common sled dog in the north actually isn‘t the siberian husky. It’s the alaskan husky!

The alaskan husky is not a pure breed sled dog. It is a special breed mix with one goal – To run! For me it’s much more than that, but that would not fit in here 😉

This type of sled dog can run extreme distances in a relative high speed as well.

When I got my first alaskan husky it was like „waking up“, I realized how amazing hardworking and endurant these dogs are. Soon the rest of my dogs couldn’t keep up anymore in training and I got the next alaskan … and the next …

I love the work and training with my dogs. When we are out together in one of the last wild areas of Europe I can recharge and I’m thankful for every day out here.

I want to share this passion and give people the opportunity to experience this feeling of freedom and special bond between human and dogs.

Markus Klackl

Markus is the soul behind the scenes:)

His main working place is in the office and beside his own company he takes care of all paperwork.
When he is not doing that, he builds and maintain all the dog yards, doghouses, horse fences and other practical stuff on the farm.
In our first season here, he also got the new title Newhope Alaskans trail maker!